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Leaves Signature Guest House is not only supporting Going Green, but we actively participate!

Protecting our planet for our children are important for all of us here at Leaves.  We have made special efforts to create a sustainable environment that will in a small, but consistent manner make a difference.
Join our ‘Going Green’ initiative and contribute in an easy, but effective way when staying at Leaves by:
• Making sure that only the necessary lights in each room are switched on at night.
• Kindly use the air conditioners only when absolutely necessary! 
• Should you wish for your towels to be changed, simply drop them in the bath.
• Drink tap water as opposed to bottled water.

LIGHTING – all of the lighting are LEDs.
COOLING & HEATING - At Leaves, our guests only use air conditioning when really necessary.
GAS - Our gas hob ensures a scrumptious gourmet breakfast & dinner 365 days of the year!
SOLAR GAIN - We believe in solar heating, that’s why we went that route.  We also make sure that our geysers stay warm and snug from the winter chill in their blankets.
APPLIANCES - We only use appliances as needed and switch it off when not in use.
RAIN WATER - We capture and hold approximately 7 500 litres of rain water at a time.  Our beautiful gardens are mainly watered by the rainwater we collect and filter.
MUNICIPAL WATER - Our laundry is laundered with environmentally friendly, chemical free detergents.  You can feel the difference.
RECYCLING - All waste is separated and recycled.  We recycle paper, glass, plastic and all organic material.  Our recycling of paper, glass and plastic is processed by Mama She’s Recycling.  Compost that is generated as a result of our perishable materials generated from the kitchen, garden and guest house has created sustainable compost thru which the soil and plants at Leaves flourish.
AMENETIES - We prefer glass, but in order to prevent our guests accidently cutting themselves from a broken bottle in the shower, we use PET bottles (Polyethylene Terephthalate).  These plastic bottles are recycled and  reused to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills.  The recycling symbol together with the resin identification code '1'  is at the bottom of the bottle and is  universally  recognised.  

At Leaves we CARE for our environment!


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